An Eye for Excellence

An Eye for Excellence

We are the rise of a conscious movement. To us, this means representing the leaders who deeply care about the evolution of human consciousness. We know that now is the time.

We use the art of creative storytelling to bring out the deeper meaning behind your message. To help you stand out in a big way.

We know that your brand is a core piece of your essence, who you truly are, and we are inspired to help you step into the highest version of yourself and share that with the world.

We have curated the brightest minds in industry to bring you content development, artistic photography, professional videography, and overall strategic marketing.

We work with thought-leaders, visionaries, and passionate entrepreneurs of all kinds with one core similarity… they desire change.

If you're looking to share your message with the world, we can help you create it. We look forward to hearing your story.


We’re your team; we will bring your vision to life with a full storytelling workshop from our brilliant creative team and a fully equipped production project management team. We breathe life into your vision with storyboard guidance and advice.


We will provide you with some full power players on set, and honor your time by working passionately for you. Your director, producer and director of photography are all devoted to capturing the essence of your message and will be on set to bring structure and support to your project.


If you’ve got the content but still need that fairy dust sprinkled on it, we’ve got the fairy. Our Post Production Alchemy editing services includes any editing, color corrections, visual effects or after effects that you desire. Prices range from the different tier packages Conscious Media Productions has to offer.


Conscious Media Productions

Mission Statement

CMP - Demo Reel

Life's a drag - Trailer

BossVoyage - Demo

Carry You Home - Music Video

Healing Hands - Commercial v1

A Tiger Lily - Band Video

Food Moves - Event

Healing Hands - Commercial v2

Camp Summit - Full Promo

TOTEM - Trailer

Zangre - Full Film


Conscious Media Productions

No matter your project size! We have a team that's perfect for you and your vision!


  • Live Events
  • Portfolios
  • Branding Purposes
  • Marketing Assets


  • Music Videos
  • Festivals & Live Events
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Drone Videos
  • Editing Services

live content distribution

  • Live Studio Session
  • Constant Content Feed
dream team

insiders look at the conscious crew

Ash Sumida

Chief Executive Officer

Wayo Benevides

Chief Operating Officer/
 Head Director of Production

Brooke Macay

Social Media Coordinator

Alexandra Nicole Velasquez

Chief Administrative Officer/

Head Producer of Production

Jeremy Bergeron

Affiliate Manager

Chip House

Chief Financial Officer

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